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ThermoPro 500FT Review 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Grill

Are you still shackled to your grill, obsessively checking your meat’s temperature and missing out on the fun? It’s time to liberate yourself. Enter the ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, a device that promises to revolutionize how you approach cooking. In this in-depth review for 2023, we dissect its features, performance, and versatility. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to culinary freedom. Get yours on Amazon today!

What’s in the Box?

Unboxing the ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT is like Christmas morning for cooking aficionados. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The wireless thermometer unit
  • Multiple probe options
  • A charging cable
  • User manual
  • Handy carrying case

Key Features

True Wireless Freedom

Forget about cluttered wires and limited mobility. The TempSpike 500FT offers a truly wireless experience, freeing you to entertain guests or prepare sides.

Extended 500FT Range

You read that right. With a 500-foot range, this device liberates you from grill-side duty. You can now roam freely without losing a connection.

Bluetooth Sync

The Bluetooth connectivity option allows for real-time updates directly to your smartphone. Keep track of your cooking progress from anywhere in your home.

Multi-Use Capability

The ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT is not just for grilling. It’s perfect for smoking, BBQ, oven usage, smokers, rotisseries, and even sous vide cooking. Order yours and explore the possibilities.

Ease of Setup

Setting up the ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT is a cakewalk. Download the companion app, sync via Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. The user interface is intuitive, and the instructions are crystal clear.

Performance Metrics

Range and Connectivity

The device lives up to its 500FT claim. Whether you’re in the basement or upstairs, the connection remains stable.

Temperature Accuracy

Say goodbye to rubbery chicken and overcooked steaks. The temperature readings are pinpoint accurate, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.


Receive alerts the moment your meat reaches the desired temperature. The device’s real-time tracking prevents any cooking mishaps.

Versatility and Adaptability

This is the Swiss Army knife of meat thermometers. Whether you’re a grilling novice or a smoking savant, the ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT fits seamlessly into any cooking setup. Grab yours today and diversify your cooking repertoire!

Battery Stamina

The device features an impressive battery life that can easily last through multiple cooking sessions. A single charge could take you through an entire weekend of culinary exploration.

Final Verdict

The ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is an indispensable tool for anyone serious about cooking. Its blend of wireless freedom, incredible range, and multifunctional capabilities make it a game-changing addition to your cooking arsenal. Don’t miss out on elevating your cooking game. This product will work great with your Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity smoker

Pros and Cons


  • Unparalleled wireless freedom
  • Astounding 500FT range
  • Spot-on temperature accuracy
  • Versatility in cooking methods
  • Exceptional battery life



1. Can it be used for sous vide cooking? Absolutely, the TempSpike 500FT is versatile enough for sous vide applications.

2. How many probes does it come with? The package includes multiple probes for different cooking needs.

3. Is the app easy to use? Yes, the companion app is user-friendly with a straightforward interface.

Take Action

Why settle for less when you can have the best? Order your ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT from Amazon now and elevate your culinary experiences to new heights.

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