Masterbuilt 1050: My Grilling Love Affair

For those who take their grilling and smoking seriously, the quest for the perfect appliance is a journey filled with trials, errors, and mouthwatering meats. But two years ago, I found what I consider to be the holy grail of smokers—the Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity Charcoal Smoker. And after 24 months of ribs, briskets, and countless cookouts, it’s time to share my long-term review of this smoking powerhouse.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. If you find this review helpful and decide to purchase the Masterbuilt 1050 or its cover, please do so through my affiliate link for the grill and affiliate link for the cover. Your support helps keep this blog running at no extra cost to you.

Build and Design

The Masterbuilt 1050 is a substantial unit, designed with durability in mind. The robust construction has stood up to the test of time and weather, especially when paired with the essential cover, which I highly recommend for added longevity.

Performance and Features

Gravity-fed charcoal smoking is the standout feature here. It allows for precise temperature control, delivering consistent results every time. The cooking space is generous, accommodating multiple racks of ribs or even a whole turkey with ease.


From slow-smoked brisket to high-heat grilled steaks, the Masterbuilt 1050 has proven its versatility time and again. The various cooking modes and adjustable racks make it simple to switch between different types of food and cooking methods.

Two Years of Reliability

In my two years of ownership, the Masterbuilt 1050 has been nothing short of reliable. It’s performed consistently in various weather conditions, and the results have been uniformly excellent. The grill has made me the hero of many a backyard barbecue, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The Essential Cover

One thing that I cannot stress enough is the importance of getting a cover for your Masterbuilt 1050. It is absolutely crucial for protecting your investment, especially if you plan to keep the smoker outdoors. I purchased mine through this affiliate link for the cover, and it has been a game-changer in maintaining the smoker’s longevity.

The Downside

No product is perfect, and the Masterbuilt 1050 is no exception. Its sheer size makes it a bit of a space hog, so make sure you have ample room for it. Also, it’s not the most straightforward unit to clean, but for the performance it offers, I consider that a minor inconvenience.

Masterbuilt 1050 size


Two years in, the Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity Charcoal Smoker continues to impress. It’s a robust, versatile, and reliable unit that has elevated my grilling and smoking game to new heights. If you’re serious about your meats, this is the smoker to invest in.

Ready to take your grilling and smoking to the next level? You can purchase the Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity Charcoal Smoker through my affiliate link for the grill and don’t forget the must-have cover, available through this affiliate link for the cover.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a weekend grill warrior or a dedicated smoke master, the Masterbuilt 1050 is a worthy investment. Just remember to also invest in the cover to protect this beast from the elements. Happy grilling!

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