The Coffee Ninja Coffee Machine: Four Years of Daily Bliss


The Coffee Ninja Coffee Machine entered my life four years ago, and since then, it’s become an integral part of my daily routine. Over these years, it has crafted countless mugs of coffee, delighted guests, and fueled late-night work sessions. But does it still hold up? Does it continue to deliver after the honeymoon phase has long passed? Here’s my in-depth review after four years of regular use.

The Design and Build Quality

Four years down the line, the design of the Coffee Ninja still impresses me. Though its somewhat bulky footprint can be a minor issue for those with limited counter space, its multifunctionality makes the size worth it. The mix of stainless steel and high-quality plastic has stood the test of time, with hardly any wear or tear to report.

Features and Flexibility

  • Multiple Brew Sizes: Still as convenient as day one, from single cups to full carafes.
  • Brew Types: The Classic, Rich, Over Ice, and Specialty brews offer something for every palate.
  • Built-In Frother: The frother continues to function like a charm, easily transforming regular brews into café-quality lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Programmable Timer: I’ve never had to reset it or encountered any issues with this feature.
  • Hot Plate: Keeps coffee warm for up to two hours—still one of my most-used features.

Performance and Usability

Brewing Time

After four years, the machine still brews coffee within the same timeframe as when it was new—full carafes in under 10 minutes and single cups even faster.

Taste Quality

A consistent performer, the machine still delivers great-tasting coffee. While the flavor profile can vary depending on the coffee used, the machine’s brewing process has remained reliable.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Over the years, I’ve found that descaling becomes more essential for maintaining optimal performance. However, routine cleaning is straightforward with removable parts like the water reservoir and drip tray.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile brew options and sizes
  • Built-in frother for expanded coffee choices
  • Highly reliable performance over years
  • Programmed settings make daily brewing hassle-free


  • Size can be cumbersome for smaller kitchens
  • Descaling is more frequent after years of use
  • Could be considered pricey for casual coffee drinkers

Longevity and Durability

If a test of a coffee machine’s worth is how well it stands up to the rigors of daily use, then the Coffee Ninja passes with flying colors. Apart from regular maintenance and the occasional descaling, it has required no additional care or repair.


After four years, the Coffee Ninja Coffee Machine remains a workhorse in my kitchen, proving itself to be a durable and reliable machine. It offers incredible flexibility and consistent performance, all while requiring minimal upkeep. Though it may not be the cheapest option on the market, its versatility and longevity justify the investment.

For anyone looking to make a long-term addition to their kitchen, the Coffee Ninja offers a harmonious blend of functionality and durability. Four years in, it continues to brew excellent coffee, making every morning a little easier and a lot more flavorful. Cheers to even more years of exceptional brewing!

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. After all, any machine that can bring me four years of coffee joy deserves a resounding endorsement.

You can check out the Coffee Ninja here.

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