5 Reasons that torrents suck

Check out this post from Usenet VS Torrents website.

5 reasons why torrents suck & Usenet is awesome

Here is an exert.

1. Usenet is super fast

Have you seen the speed test I took comparing Usenet to Torrents in the ultimate battle?
Because Usenet downloads from multiple servers each with gigabit connections and downloading torrents rely on the upload speed of the computer users you are downloading from; the speed is Incredibly FAST; so fast that it maxes out your internet connection regardless if you have 1mbit or even 100Mbit connection.

2. Usenet is Secure and Torrents are not

Usenet offers a layer of security that torrents just don’t have; 256bit SSL encryption baby! the  MPAAA, RIAA & even your own ISP cannot see what you are downloading therefore no lawsuits UNLIKE with download…………………

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