Watching Hulu outside of USA with Hide My Ass! VPN

Hulu is awesome but unfortunately not accessible outside of the USA but with a few tweaks you can access Hulu even if you live in Austrailia, New Zealand; Russia, the UK or any other country that is not the USA.

This guide applies to you if you visit and are faced with the following message when you go to play a video.


1. Visit Hide My Ass! and signup for a the Hide My Ass! VPN.
The reason  for Hide My Ass! is because it is one of the cheapest Virtual Private Networks available and it is very easy to set up.
You can use any VPN but Hide My Ass is the VPN I am using in this guide because I know it works with Hulu.
You should  check out the Hide My Ass reviews.

HMA holiday specials



2.  If you decided to signup for Hide My Ass! (there is a 30 day trial period; if you don’t like the service just let them know and they will refund your money.) then you will need to download the Hide My Ass! VPN Software.

3. Once Hide My Ass! is installed on your computer you can go ahead and open it.
You will need to use the drop down box (depicted below) to select the American city closest to you in order to achieve the fastest connection; then fill in you Hide My Ass! username and password; then click on ‘connect to VPN’

4. Once connected to the America VPN of your choice the  Hide My Ass! software should now be telling your original IP address and country and your new IP address and country.
Any website you visit will think you are coming from America even though you are stuck in New Zealand or Australia (or what ever other country you are from)

6. Once you are connected to Hide My Ass you can visit and watch all the TV shows you want.

Now that you have a VPN installed you can do tons of stuff you couldn’t do before like downloading torrents securely and listening to Spotify.




2 Replies to “Watching Hulu outside of USA with Hide My Ass! VPN”

  1. thanks for the info but I did exactly as you sugessted and it don’t work. now I’m out the cost for Hulu account and HMA VPN!

    1. Sorry but you must have done something wrong as this works for everybody I know.
      You can get your money back from Hide My Ass if it has been less than 30 days since you purchased your account.
      Hulu is free btw; unless you were able to get a Hulu Plus account which means your Hide My Ass did work.

      Try using a different Hide My Ass server; keep trying all the servers closest to you until you find one that works; I am in New Zealand with slow internet and it works for me everytime.

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