Use Wikibuy to streamline your Amazon purchases

Hello my name is Scott and I am an Amazon shopping addict, I love love love shopping on Amazon especially since I have a Amazon Prime membership giving me free 2 day shipping, streaming music, TV and movies and more. (check out Prime membership here because trust me it is so worth it and will pay for its self in no time.)

Back to the reason I have created this article.

If you are like me and love to shop for deals then you should check out WikiBuy, no doubt you have seen their ads on facebook and around the internet. I was skeptical at first but I gave it a whirl today and I am actually happy with the results.

So what you do is you is click here, install the free chrome extension then enter your zipcode (for estimating the shipping cost) then you go to Amazon, or any other the other stores supported, find a product and add it to your cart. Wikibuy will automatically start shopping around for better prices from other stores and testing out variou coupons to whittle down the price even more

Wikibuy searching

After searching for this particular product Wikibuy has found that the product I found on Amazon was indeed the cheapest available in this particular make and model BUT has given me 2 alternatives that are similar but will save me money.

Wikibuy results page

In my opinion Wikibuy is a pretty nifty little tool to use to shop smarter, its in BETA at the moment so expect a few minor issues but they are improving all the time.


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