Stopping your ISP from selling your information

Last week the House Of Representives and the Senate voted in favor of tossing out Obama era regulations banning your ISP from selling your browsing history to advertisers, future employers, and – well anyone with a check book really.

You are probably be aware of the fact that Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc can track your every internet move with tracking cookies embedded in their webpages. These websites use your browsing history to serve personalized ads to you but this is a free service so the websites have to make money somehow and selling ads is their business. You pay your ISP every month to use their service so they have absolutely no rhyme or reason to sell your information to the highest bidder.

You can block websites from tracking your browsing history by using Adblock Plus  but stopping your ISP from seeing your browsing history requires a little more which I will describe now.

To stop your ISP seeing your browsing history and selling to anyone they choose; you will need to get a VPN (Virtual Private network).

My favorite VPN to use and one I have been using to hide my online identity since 2011 is Hide My Ass.

You simply sign up for the service which costs $6.55 a month if prepaid a year in advance or $11.52 month to month.  Hide My Ass VPN when running will encrypt all of your internet activities blocking your ISP from seeing what you are doing which is exactly what you want and what your ISP does not want
You can even use this service on your smart phones blocking your ISP from seeing your browsing history on these devices too.

Check out Hide My Ass VPN here.

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