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How and why to enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Google, facebook and other online accounts

In today's day and age it is now more than ever imperative to protect your online accounts from hackers and one way you can help is by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on all your online accounts that have this feature and choosing a strong password.

How Two-Factor Authentication works is once you have enabled it, every time you sign into a new computer and sign into your Google account, Facebook, Dropbox or any of the many others you will put your password in and then you will be asked for a code which is randomly generated by an app on your smart phone. the app I use is Authy

When logging in you can chose to keep the information saved so you do not have to log in using your phone each time which you can do for a computer you own or do not save for a public computer.


To enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Google account please visit this link

To enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Facebook account please visit this link

To enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Dropbox account please visit this link

For a full list of sites that support Two-Factor Authentication please click here


Dropbox 2 factor authentication

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