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Building your own higher end IP camera surveillance system PART 1

In this series of posts I will be going over how you can create your own higher end IP Camera surveillance system so you can monitor your home or business either remotely or locally.

Part one of this series will go over selecting the equipment required for this installation; we will be using Amazon as our go to store since their return policy is awesome and prices are extremely competitive.

Selecting your NVR (Network video Recorder)

First step would be selecting your DVR, there are many IP camera NVR (Network Video Recorders) on the market and heck you can even make your own with a decent PC and free software but for this guide I will be going over using the Hikvision NVR since Hikvision makes an extremely nice NVR for a low price; the IP Cameras required are on the higher end BUT are very low cost.

Depending on how many cameras you want to install will determine the NVR you will choose, they come in 4, 8 or 16 channel (cameras)

4 Channel Hikvision NVR

~8 Channel Hikvision NVR

16 Channel Hikvision NVR


You will also need to choose your hard drive size as the majority of NVR's are sold without them.

I recommend the Western Digital purple Hard Drive which are designed for CCTV systems that are continually cycling over data after data.

The camera number and quality you wish to record at will determine the hard drive size.

4 channel NVR - 1 terabyte hard drive
8 channel NVR - 2 terabyte hard drive
16 channel NVR - 4 terabyte hard drive

IP Cameras

Choosing a good quality IP camera today on a budget is no longer difficult with  Hikvision IP cameras.
There are many to choose from  but my favorite would be the Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Outdoor HD 3MP IP Bullet Security Camera 4mm or the Hikvision DS-2CD3132 2.8mm Lens 3MP Mini Dome Camera 1080P POE IP CCTV Camera since they look great physically and the picture quality is fantastic and with a price point on Amazon of around $100, cant go wrong with that.


Cable and connectors 

Unless you know what you are doing; creating your cables for your IP Camera surveillance system is a little tricky and is time consuming; it is better to just buy pre-made cables from Amazon or have some one make them for you.

~ 50 foot cat5e patch cable
~ 100 foot cat5e patch cable
~ 200 foot cat5e patch cable

UPS (Uninterrupted power supply)

I dont care what anybody else thinks, I have been installing CCTV systems for a long time and I know for a fact that you NEED a UPS incase your power goes out of your power bumps.

This 1500VA UPS is perfect for your new IP surveillance system.


Part 2 of this series I will go over starting your installation of your IP survellience system.

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