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New Heroes TV show coming 2015 Heroes Reborn

Just announced on Heroes Facebook page they are making a spin off called Heroes Reborn (2015)

I loved the original Heroes TV show on NBC so lets just hope that Reborn is just as good if not better.

No IMDB page YET but there is a teaser trailer just released.


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How can I enable the windows start menu button on Windows 8.1?

If you are anything like me then you would have upgraded your windows 8.0 to windows 8.1 by now or are seriously thinking about it; it is a lot smoother than windows 8 and there are some enhancements BUT Microsoft  in my opinion have dropped the ball with the windows 8.1 start menu button.

I am old school and I like the classic start menu button that has appeared in all windows versions from 95 all the way through to windows 7 yet for some reason Microsoft removed this menu in version 8.0; Windows 8.1 comes along with promises of a start menu but all it really does is takes you to Metro which you could do in windows 8.0 by hovering your mouse in the bottom left corner and clicking the invisible button.

There is a solution, it is simple and it is also free and extremely easy; its called 'Classic Shell'

Clicking start button in windows 8.1










There are two ways to get the Classic Start menu button and the first is to go to the NiNite homepage and select Classic Shell from the list of other free and interesting software programs it will install automatically (Ninite is a must for fresh windows installs and I have written up a more extensive guide here on Ninite)

The second way is to go to the Classic Shell homepage and download the software that way.

The Classic Shell website







Once Classic Shell has been installed your windows 8.1 will now have a start menu button that is akin to all other previous versions of windows.


If you like you can even customize your start button by changing its appearance and doing a whole other range of customization's that I wont get into on this blog post .

To change your Start button from looking like the windows 8.1 button to looking like windows 7 please follow the following steps.

1. Right click on the following image and save to your computer.

Windows 7 Start Button






2. Right click on your start menu button


Classic Shell Settings








3. Check the box marked 'replace start menu button' then click on the bullet for 'custom'  and 'pick image' the image you pick will be the image you just saved from this website which is the windows 7 version of the start button.


Choosing windows 7 button in windows 8.1










You can even change the appearance of the actual menu by  clicking on 'skin' in the classic shell settings and using the drop down menu to choose how you want your menu to look.
Right now I have mine set to look like windows XP.


Changing Start menu appearance in windows 8.1











Please note: Windows 10 was released yesterday with a promise of a better Start menu than what was available on windows 8 and 8.1; Sorry Microsoft but the new start menu sucks and Classic Shell still works with Windows 10 🙂 Horary!




How to get Hidemyass VPN to work on your Android phone or tablet

So you have a Hidemyass account and would like to be able to use your VPN on your Android phone or tablet to watch region locked youtube videos, watch Hulu Plus, Netflix etc.

If you don't have a Hidemyass VPN account please visit this link for some more information.

If you follow these simple instructions you will have it up and running in no time flat.

1. Go to your Hidemyass control panel (link)  and click on PPTP servers where you will find your PPTP password with a whole list of Server IP addresses you will need to use when you set up your phone or tablet with Hidemyass.

Your Hidemyass control panel


PPTP settings for Hidemyass

2. On your android phone or tablet you will need to set up a pin number, password OR security pattern so your phone or tablet is locked when you are not using it; this is unfortunately mandatory when setting up VPN's on an android device.

To do this you will need to access your android phone or tablets system settings > Security > Screen lock > then choose either a pattern, pin or Password.


3.  On your android device please go to your system settings > under Wireless & Networks there will be a "More" which you will need to select and then select VPN.

Android system menu


4.  Select 'Add VPN' and enter any name you like to identify your Hidemyass VPN on your phone; you could put Hidemyass or even Hidemyass California ect if you want to enter multiple Hidemyass IP addresses.

You will need to go back to your PPTP page in your HMA control panel to select  a IP from a city closest to you; for example if California is the closest city to you then you might like to select  USA, California, Los Angeles (LOC1 S1) which has the IP address of
Make sure you leave the PPP encryption box ticked before selecting 'save'

Add Hidemyass VPN to your Android device

 5.  Now in the VPN menu you will have a new item; the VPN you just created so please select that and enter your Hidemyass username and the password from the HMA PPTP page it is up to you but you might like to check the box to save your account information so you do not need to enter your password each and everytime you wish to connect your VPN.

Select 'Connect'
Connect to VPN


6. Your android device will now display a key in the top left hand corner of the screen which indicates you are connected to the Hidemyass VPN network.


7. To disconnect from the HMA VPN you will need to select the VPN from the VPN menu in the system settings OR selecting the connected VPN from the pull down menu top of your android device and selecting 'disconnect'

Disconnect from VPN


If you don't have a Hidemyass VPN account please visit this link for some awesome prices.

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Turning off Facebook notification sounds.

Today Facebook rolled out an annoying addition; a ding sound when you get a new notification; I found this to be unnecessary so this is how you remove it.


Click on the little gear icon in the top right corner of Facebook and click on 'account settings'

Click on account settings







Click on 'notifications'








Click on 'view' on the 'Notification sounds'






Uncheck the box for 'Play a sound when each new notification is received'  then click 'Save changes'











There you have it; a quick and easy way to stop the annoying Facebook Notification sound.




How to tether using T-mobile unlimited 4G without getting blocked

UPDATE: Warning: a lot of apps in the Google Playstore say that their app works for tethering WITHOUT a VPN, this is completely false information. You STILL require the use of a VPN to tether your phone to your computer because it encrypts the information; something the app does not do. It may look like it is working but T-mobile or any other phone company be it AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc will block you and that is something you do not want. Just follow the guide below and you will be able to tether 24/7 without being blocked.


Unfortunately T-mobile & a bunch of other cellphone companies which have unlimited 4G service have stopped offering a mobile hotspot option for free and now you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money ONTOP of paying for your unlimited 4G service so you can tether your laptop, PC, tablet or any other device to it and you cannot even get an unlimited tethering option.

I moved out to an area with absolute crap DSL speeds, cable is not available where I live but my cellphone on the T-mobile network has unlimited 4G which is about 4 times faster than my DSL connection and so to watch any sort of streaming video even in standard definition over DSL is unbearably slow and streaming HD videos is next to impossible but not anymore with this nifty little tethering work around.

I can now stream Hulu, netflix, youtube, all my music, download torrent etc tethering my phone to my PC and have not received any messages from T-mobile telling me my tethering has been blocked and that I can re-enable it by upgrading my account by paying them for tethering.

This is the text message you will get if you try to tether your t-mobile phone after about 15 mins (sometimes sooner)

Free T-mobile Msg: Smartphone mobile hotspot [tethering] access has been blocked. Please add Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service available. Http://offers.t-mobile.com/tethering/upsell.do?source=100SMS

All your webpages will now cease to load and you will be presented with the following message:

This is the only method I have found to tether my t-mobile unlimted 4G plan; I have tried a bunch of other methods and all fail within 15-30mins but using this method I have been online for days and have downloaded gigabytes of bandwith with no message saying I have been blocked.

Step 1

You can either do this with a rooted android phone or an unrooted android phone; rooted you can use wifi tethering (or USB, bluetooth) without having to use a 3rd party tethering app if you have a custom ROM and unrooted will have to use a 3rd party tethering app like FoxFi for wifi tethering but I use ClockworkMOD tether.

The reason I like ClockworkMOD tether is because 1. it works every time without fail, 2. ClockworkMOD tether costs $5 to purchase in the app store, Foxfi costs $8 3. Foxfi only works part of the time and can leave your connection vulnerable.

4. One of the biggest reasons is that ClockworkMOD works over USB and not wifi which charges my phone while I am tethered instead of HEAVILY draining the battery which happens on Foxfi (just something to think about 🙂

Step 2

You will need to get a VPN, I use HideMyAss and have found the speeds to be excellent and the price to be extremely good; besides I know for a fact that Hidemyass works for tethering.
Click here (opens a new window/tab) and check out HMA VPN, you get 30 days to try it out so if it doesn't work for you then just cancel and get your money back.

Using HidemyAss will make your online activity anonymous, so anything you do cannot be traced by T-mobile OR your ISP so it is perfect for downloading torrents or doing anything else you wish to remain anonymous doing.

Step 3

Once you have installed the HideMyAss software on your computer you will need to start your tethering app in your phone if unrooted OR enable tethering if rooted.

Once you are sure your phone and computer have been tethered, make sure you run HideMyAss VPN and then select the server closest to you from the first tab in HideMyAss application so the speeds are fast after putting your HMA username and password in the respectable boxes before you start surfing the net or downloading otherwise you will get blocked by T-mobile before you even start.


Hope this works for you; it works for me, it will work for other cellphone carriers as well and will also work on iPhones, windows phones and any other phone; not just android.

Handy Tip:

You can configure your phone so that all internet activity done via your phone (ie torrenting) is untraceable by your cellphone provider (t-mobile, sprint etc); here are the instructions.



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Stopping G+ email notifications for Communities

Been getting a ton of annoying G+ community invite email today? I have so I turned off the notification email in https://www.google.com/settings/plus?cfem=1by scrolling down to Receive notifications section and unchecked the Invites me to a Community email check box

Google+ community notification email check box




Fast Save 1.1 Chrome extension adding ads and causing havoc

Have you noticed in the last day or so random ads on your favorite websites? maybe you have ads on your own website that you didnt put there?
Are you using Google Chrome internet browser? if you have answered yes to these questions then you may have  fallen victim to the malicious fastsave 1.1 chrome browser extension.

What is FastSave 1.1 Chrome Browser extension?

Fast Save 1.1 is an extension in the Chrome browser that you did not install; it was automatically put on your browser like a virus but luckily it is very easy to remove.

What does Fast save 1.1 do?

Fast Save 1.1 will automatically overlay ads onto images on websites you are browsing; you may not even notice they are there because internet advertising is everywhere but if you own the website you are browsing and spot one of these ads then it is very easy to see something very fishy is going on.

Take a look at what I found when I visited Fergeeks.com tonight; this is what alerted me I had a problem with ads.

Fastsave 1.1 ad

If you look at the source code  you can see the following fishy HTML code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://include-it.net/?p=119"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://srv1.mediads.info/i/?tid=23&amp;subid=2017"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.superfish.com/ws/sf_main.jsp?dlsource=cbsfastsave&amp;userId=4fc9a7ce0ea27582051112&amp;CTID=p2017"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.superfish.com/ws/js/base_single_icon.js?ver="></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/dojo/1.5.1/dojo/dojo.xd.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://includeit.info/include.js?id=js29"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.superfish.com/ws/getSupportedSitesJSON.action?ver=5.6&amp;callback=SF_isURISupported" id="sufioIoScript1" charset="utf-8"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.superfish.com/ws/rvwl.action?ver=3&amp;callback=SF_isRvURISupported" id="sufioIoScript2" charset="utf-8"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.superfish.com/ws/getCouponsSupportedSites.action?ver=15&amp;callback=SF_cpnWlCb" id="sufioIoScript3" charset="utf-8"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://includeit.info/scripts/inl_dmmtch2.min.js"></script>

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="http://static.cpchero.biz/style.css" media="screen">

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://xml.cpchero.biz/search?query=web-backlinks.com&amp;feed=3624&amp;subid=dommatch&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fweb-backlinks.com%2F&amp;user_ip=caller&amp;ua=caller&amp;count=10&amp;format=json&amp;callback=RXYO_Interstitial.DoInterstitial"></script>

How to remove Fast Save 1.1

To delete Fast Save 1.1 (and I recommend you do remove it) you need to go to your Chrome extension settings and then you need to click on the trash icon next to Fast Save 1.1.

Chrome Browser extension menu
















Remove Fastsave.... hell yes!









Click2save extension , fastsave extension & saveAS extension all seem to be the same thing; I found a place that is serving them, its an opt in box when you download a torrent from ISOhunt.com so if you download a torrent make sure the box is unchecked (checked by default)
I don't download torrents; nor does my wife and yet we had this extension on our computer, no clue yet how we got it.

In light of this new information I suggest you take a look at 5 reasons why Torrents suck.




All things Geeks dream about

Before you venture onto this website you must for your moneys sake place all your credit cards in a bag of water and freeze them.

This website is AWESOME, I cannot emphasize this enough... AWESOME.

All kinds of geek toys on this website, and I mean all kinds; what ever takes your fancy will be on this website.

Giant Gumy, Exhaust Powered Car Jack, Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon, Lawn Zombie Decoration... and loads more; this is a site of epic proportion.

Check out This is why Im Broke today.


This is why im broke Website


Convert your swamp cooler to run on solar power

It's summer in America and I've heard its pretty hot this year; if you have a swamp cooler otherwise known as an evaporative cooler then you can try this handy guide to convert your swamp cooler to run on solar power.

This would be awesome if you loose power during the day; you will still be able to cool your house down.

This guide was found on eHow; its one of my favorite sites.

Instructions to convert your swamp cooler to solar power.


  1. Preparation

    • 1

      Disconnect the swamp cooler from the main electric supply. Check the outside of the cooler for a label that tells the measurement of electrical current in amps that the unit uses. Calculate how much power the solar panels will need to provide to the cooler. Power in watts is given by multiplying the current in amps by the voltage in volts. For instance, if on the outside of the cooler the current is given as 1.4 amps, then multiply this number by the mains voltage of 115 volts. This gives the electrical power as 1.4 amps times 115 volts which is equal to 161 watts.

    • 2

      Decide how you want to do the conversion. You have two choices. The first option is to replace the electrical motor that runs the fan or blower in the swamp cooler, together with the small water pump, with new units that run on direct current, or DC, electricity. This type of DC equipment is available for either 12-volt or 24-volt DC power. You will need to replace the motor and the water pump with a DC motor and pump, and connect the swamp cooler directly to a solar panel that generates enough power for the cooler. The second option is to convert the DC electricity from the solar panel to 115-volt AC by using an inverter. This way you don't have to replace anything inside the swamp cooler. You just plug the cooler straight into the the inverter. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. In the first option, you essentially have to rebuild the cooler. In the second option, you have to buy and install additional equipment: a battery, a charge controller, and an inverter. This may work out to be more expensive, but technically it is the more efficient option. It also allows your cooler to work at night, which is not possible with a direct solar system............ please read the rest at eHow.


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5 Reasons that torrents suck

Check out this post from Usenet VS Torrents website.

5 reasons why torrents suck & Usenet is awesome

Here is an exert.

1. Usenet is super fast

Have you seen the speed test I took comparing Usenet to Torrents in the ultimate battle?
Because Usenet downloads from multiple servers each with gigabit connections and downloading torrents rely on the upload speed of the computer users you are downloading from; the speed is Incredibly FAST; so fast that it maxes out your internet connection regardless if you have 1mbit or even 100Mbit connection.

2. Usenet is Secure and Torrents are not

Usenet offers a layer of security that torrents just don’t have; 256bit SSL encryption baby! the  MPAAA, RIAA & even your own ISP cannot see what you are downloading therefore no lawsuits UNLIKE with download.....................

View the rest on the Usenet Vs Torrents website