Listening to Spotify outside of America

I currently live in New Zealand which Spotify does not cater to but does this deter me from accessing the awesome array of music that Spotify has to offer? heck no and nor should it deter you.

Just follow this simple guide and you too can listen to Spotify 24/7 if you choose if you live outside of Spotify’s accessible countries; USA and most of Europe.

1. So right now if you were to go to Spotify you will get a screen similar to the screenshot below.

You can enter you email address if you like and Spotify will let you know when it is available in your country but I wouldnt hold your breath if I were you; it’s probably going to be a long wait before Spotify is availiable in places like Australia and New Zealand.

2. Sign up for a low cost VPN (Virtual Private network) I like Hide My Ass! because it is very low cost; very versatile; and so simple to use.
You can use any VPN to listen to Spotify outside of USA but I know that Hide My Ass works 100% with Spotify because that is the VPN I use every single day.
Hide My Ass link  you should also check out the Hide My Ass reviews.

Here is a list of other websites or applications what work with the Hide My Ass VPN installed.


HMA holiday specials






3.  If you decided to signup for Hide My Ass! (there is a 30 day trial period; if you don’t like the service just let them know and they will refund your money.) then you will need to download the Hide My Ass! VPN Software.

4. Once Hide My Ass! is installed on your computer you can go ahead and open it.
You will need to use the drop down box (depicted below) to select the American city closest to you in order to achieve the fastest connection; then fill in you Hide My Ass! username and password; then click on ‘connect to VPN’

5. Once connected to the America VPN of your choice the  Hide My Ass! software should now be telling your original IP address and country and your new IP address and country.
Any website you visit will think you are coming from America even though you are stuck in New Zealand or Australia (or what ever other country you are from)

6. Now that you are logged into an American VPN you can go back to Spotify’s website and join Spotify.

7. When you have joined Spotify; it is time to download the Spotify Application (if you have read our Ninite tutorial you can install Spotify as part of an automatic package)

8. Once Spotify has been installed please go ahead and open the Spotify Application (please make sure you are still connected to Hide My Ass!) login using your new Spotify credentials and start enjoying the music.

You can disconnect from Hide My Ass once you have Spotify up and running; you only need to login using Hide My Ass every 14 days because you can listen to Spotify Free overseas for 14 days but when that 14 day period is up all you need to do it log back into Hide My Ass! (which is essentially like coming back to America) log in to Spotify, disconnect from Hide My Ass and listen for another 14 days even if you reset your computer.
You can use Hide My Ass for a multitude of other awesome things which we will get into at another date but one thing you can do which you cannot do with out a VPN unless you live in America is watch Hulu; so have some fun with that.

My Spotify Testimonial.

Before I tried out Spotify for the first time 4 months ago; I thought that it would be just like every other streaming music service but once I tried it; WOW Spotify is Amazing.
There are so many songs available and they are all good quality; I am hooked; I have Spotify playing the background most of the day either on Spotify radio or a Spotify playlist that I created myself or one that I got for free from one of the many Spotify playlist websites.
It would be awesome if Spotify would work right out of the box in countries other than ones specified by Spotify but thankfully we have Hide  My Ass VPN to lead the way.
I love Spotify so much that the other month I deleted all 120GB of downloaded MP3’s that I have been collecting for over 10 years; now I’ve got more room on my Hard Drive for other things; Ive also deleted the majority of my TV shows since I can now access Hulu with Hide My ass therefore do not need to take up valuable hard drive space.

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