Top 10 Deadpool related merchandise



With the US release date for the most romantic valentines day movie ‘DeadPool’ set for February 12, I thought it would be a great time to give you my top 10 list of all things DeadPool merchandise.

10. DeadPool Beanie. 

Its still winter so keep your head nice and warm with this awesome beanie featuring your favorite bad-ass.

Deadpool beanie


9. Deadpool bathrobe

Because who doesn’t love a good bathrobe.
Deadpool bath robe


8.  Deadpool Pillow case.

Sleeping with your head on top of Deadpool… hell the fuck yeah!

Deadpool pillowcase

7. Deadpool vinyl bobble head figure


Everybody loves a good bobble head… this Deadpool bobble head kicks the ass of all other bobble head characters.

Deadpool bobble head


6.  Deadpool action figure.

Remember action figures as a kid, wish I had this Deadpool action figure when I was younger.. hell I’m buying it right now!

Deadpool action figure

5.  Deadpool adult coloring book.

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, this Deadpool coloring book is just what you need to express yourself creatively and because its Deadpool means its the best damn coloring book on the market!

Deadpool adult coloring book

4. Deadpool keychain.

I collect keychains so I might be a little bias putting this on this list BUT we all have keys and we all love Deadpool so heres an awesome keychain.

Deadpool keychain3. Deadpool lego mini figure.

Lego is awesome, Deadpool is awesome, any questions?

Deadpool mini lego figure


2. Deadpool belt buckle.

Gotta hold those pants up somehow so let Deadpool do it for you with this awesome Belt Buckle.

Deadpool belt buckle

1.  Deadpool cosplay costume.

Before going to the Deadpool movie premiere you need to buy this cosplay costume and wear it on the night because why the heck not!

Deadpool cosplay costume

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