Turning off Facebook notification sounds.

Today Facebook rolled out an annoying addition; a ding sound when you get a new notification; I found this to be unnecessary so this is how you remove it.


Click on the little gear icon in the top right corner of Facebook and click on ‘account settings

Click on account settings







Click on ‘notifications








Click on ‘view’ on the ‘Notification sounds’






Uncheck the box for ‘Play a sound when each new notification is received’ ┬áthen click ‘Save changes’











There you have it; a quick and easy way to stop the annoying Facebook Notification sound.



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  1. It started doing that annoying beep on mine. At first I thought it was a software update. Once I realized it was from FB, I freaked and logged off. I don’t need nagging from FB, on top of everything else. It’s going to get worse soon with loud autoplay advertisements. FB is becoming a source of stress, rather than relaxation..

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